Working at Open Space

Project Results

The following early technical reports addressing Multi-Robot Systems (MRS) development technologies were completed during the first year of the project and have been made publicly available. Click on any of the reports to download the document.

Sensor Fusion and Collaborative Intelligence

Specification of MRS Capabilities

This report proposes a novel concept of stratagem, which encapsulates the capabilities of individual robots and robotic teams. It describes the capabilities of the multi-robot systems for the research and development activities that will be carried out within the SESAME project.

Model Identification

In this report, several model identification techniques are developed to be used at run-time by a robot to identify the dynamic and kinematic model of itself or other robots in Multi-Robot Systems (MRS). A comparison of different model identification techniques ranging from model-based approaches are presented and the model identification methods are developed in a generic manner to be applicable to any dynamic system.


Executable Scenarios and System Modelling

MRS Design Concept and Methodology

The main purpose of the report is to motivate and explain to experts inside and outside the consortium the scientific foundations, concepts and principles of the proposed Executable Scenario (ExSce) methodology for engineering dependable MRS. In a nutshell, Executable Scenarios are model-based narrative descriptions of robotic missions which guide the engineering of MRS applications.

Safety-Targeted EDDI

Safety Analysis Concept and Methodology for EDDI development

This report describes the proposed safety analysis concept and accompanying methodology to be developed in the SESAME project. Three overarching challenges to the development of safe and secure multi-robot systems are identified — complexity, intelligence, and autonomy — and in each case, the report reviews state-of-the-art techniques that can be used to address them and explain how the project intends to integrate them as part of the key SESAME safety and security concept, the EDDI - Executable Digital Dependability Identity.


Security-Targeted EDDI

Security Analysis Concept and Methodology for EDDI development

This report describes the proposed security assessment concept and methodology that will be used in the SESAME project. The aim of identifying the security flaws of multi-robot systems has been proven to be challenging due to the increased connectivity of the robots, the fact that they operate in proximity with humans, and the low realization of risks that robotic systems face. The state-of-the-art techniques, tools and repositories used for conducting security assessment are presented, investigating how they can be utilized for the definition of the SESAME security assessment concept and methodology.

A further set of public technical reports describing early project prototypes and innovations will be made available in July 2022.