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Working in Front of Multiple Screens

The following open source technologies have been developed within the project to support the development and deployment of multi-robot systems (MRS). Click on any of the links to access the corresponding repository for access and download.

Collaborative Sensor Fusion

These technologies are used to provide perception information in front of the drone. It consists of two components:

  • Perception: The perception component is used to provide information about the surrounding of the drone.

  • Sensor fusion: The sensor fusion component is used to provide estimation and association of information coming from onboard and offboard sensors that improves the current state estimation of the target drone.

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Executable Digital Dependability Identities (EDDI) Tools

Design Time EDDI Tools

Design tools are comprised are comprised of three distinct tools: BayesianNetwork2EDDI, EDDI2BayesianNetwork, and eddis2consert.

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Explainable EDDI Tools

Visualize and explore ConSerts after the runtime simulation

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Runtime Time EDDI Tools

This tool offers EDDI generation tools for Bayesian networks and ConSerts models, along with a ROS wrapper for integrating EDDI monitors in a ROS environment.

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Executable Scenarios Workbench

The Executable Scenario (ExSce) Workbench  is a collection of metamodels and tools for supporting stakeholders in carrying out various activities in the ExSce methodology, which includes specification, transformation, execution, assurance, and generalization of MRS scenarios.

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The FloorPlan-DSL serves as a modeling language tailored for indoor environments. It empowers users to craft 3D models and maps, instrumental in simulating robot navigation across various simulators. This tool offers the capability to create diverse environment variations and design simulation scenarios.
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Simulation-based Testing

This tool is designed to generate metrics and experiment runners based on the model provided.
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This API  gives access to the internal Shared Memory of the simulation (TTS digital twin), through which all the components of the model and the external data sources exchange signals and internal states.

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Tools for Automated Quality Assurance of EDDI-Supported MRS

QA and Testing toolset for the data-driven and learning components of the SESAME platform.

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Integration Platform

The SESAME integration platform consolidates the software and tool developments done in the SESAME project. It provides centralized access to the technologies that were produced during the project for developing dependable MRS and makes it readily available to the engineers, essentially being the central connector between the interconnected components. The platform integrates:

  • FloorPlan-DSL Tools

  • Simulation-Based Testing Tools

  • Design-time EDDI Tools

  • Runtime-time EDDI Tools

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Software Technologies

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