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Paper published in Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems

The team at University of Luxembourg have had a paper published in the Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems. The paper titled: A Hybrid Modelling Approach for Aerial Manipulators is concerned with the mathematical models of aerial manipulators, which exhibit particularly challenging, non-linear dynamics; the UAV and its manipulator form a tightly coupled dynamic system, mutually impacting each other. Traditionally, the formulation of the dynamics involves Euler angle parametrization in the Lagrangian framework or quaternion parametrization in the Newton-Euler framework. The former has the disadvantage of giving birth to singularities and the latter being algorithmically complex. The paper presents a hybrid solution, combining the benefits of both, namely a quaternion approach leveraging the Lagrangian framework, connecting the singularity-free parameterization with the algorithmic simplicity of the Lagrangian approach.

The Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems publishes original, peer-reviewed, invited, survey and review papers. These papers promote and disseminate scientific knowledge and information in the fields of system of systems, generalized system theory, distributed intelligent systems, bioengineering, robotics and automation, human-robot interaction, human-machine interfaces and interaction, robot ethics, social and service robotics, medical robotics, mechatronics, unmanned systems, multi-robot teams and networked swarms, machine intelligence, learning, system autonomy and autonomous systems, design for autonomy, cyber-physical systems, and other related areas in which cutting edge technologies have been developed and applied to model, design, build and test complex engineering and autonomous systems.

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