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Paper presented at Dependable Computing Conference

SESAME partner Fraunhofer IESE have presented a technical paper at the 17th European Dependable Computing Conference (EDCC) featuring technology innovations being developed in the SESAME project. The paper titled: Live in ConSerts: Model-Driven Runtime Safety Assurance on Microcontrollers, Edge, and Cloud Practical Experience Report, which addresses Conditional Safety Certificates (ConSerts) as a previously introduced concept for safety-related assume-guarantee reasoning models that enable dynamic adaptation of CPS during operation by exploiting dependability assurance established during development, and introduces a code generation concept and tool support that enables the automatic synthesis of ConSert-based runtime monitors for CPS in the Rust programming language. The paper demonstrates and evaluates the feasibility of the concept on a robot-assisted industrial manufacturing use case.

The European Dependable Computing Conference is a leading venue for presenting and discussing the latest research, industrial practice and innovations in dependable and secure computing, with a long tradition started in 1994 and reaching the 17th edition this year. EDCC 2021 took place virtually 13-16 September 2021.


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